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Glee gave its cast a LOT of bullshit to work through. Each actor tried their hardest to make it work, with varying degrees of success. But no one made as much of an impact as Cory Monteith. I'm even putting him above Colfer here.

There were countless times that Finn thrust a dagger into my feels, even despite him being like the douchiest character ever. Or perhaps BECAUSE he was the douchiest character ever. Because Monteith made you believe that he was. That's hard to do, isn't it? Playing a character that is unlikable? A character that makes horrendous decisions and yet believes in himself wholeheartedly? Cory Monteith never faltered. He never took the easy route. He played Finn Hudson as the most flawed character on the show, and he made it into an art. And you loved Monteith every bit as much as you hated Finn.

I can only imagine the role that the crap behind the scenes of season 4 played in this tragedy. And I remember how I felt when he entered rehab, and I realized that he had played through so many episodes while struggling with addiction. But it never showed. EVER. None of us saw the pain, because it wasn't Finn's pain. It was Cory's, and thus couldn't be neatly wrapped up by the end of the episode with a lavish musical number.

The simple truth is that no matter how great or how putridly awful the Glee scripts were, he sold them like a motherfucker. And when he wasn't there, you felt a great, great disturbance in the force. Everything suffered. The show cannot and will not recover from this blow... nor should it even try.
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As perusers of the internet, we often find ourselves taking part in (or at least taking a look at) various fandoms. Sometimes, we end up making assumptions about other peoples' fandoms (friends, family) before we see them, and then we're shocked to find out that the actual material isn't quite what the fandom seems to think it is. :D

Here, TOTES FOR THE LULZ, OKAY, LET'S NOT WANK, are some fandom-fueled misconceptions that sometimes, an outsider can't help but form (I'll also include some of my own fandoms to show that it's all in good fun):

*Supernatural is about two gay brothers running from a typical WB/CW small town that can't understand their love. :( Also, there are endless beatings from abusive parents and one or the other of them is a cutter. Whichever one isn't the cutter is the drunk. JESUS THEY'RE SO FLAWED. SO BEAUTIFUL, AND FLAWED. And the show has no women because all women are whores. And I don't know why people keep saying there are demons. THE DEMONS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND TWO SOULS MEANT TO BE.

*Harry Potter is a book/movie series about these two guys, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. I'm not sure why they call it Harry Potter. Maybe it's symbolic for something. Mostly, it's about deep, tragic longing and sex. And someone's a bitch.

*Lord of the Rings is a book/movie series about these two guys, Aragorn and Legolas. I'm not sure why they call it Lord of the Rings, except that they also have a tragic love which can never be. So they probably will never have wedding rings. Which means the title is also symbolic. Also, sex sex sex sex sex.

*Sentai (all of them) is so sophisticated and deep that they have to dumb it down to mush for idiot American audiences to grasp. Everything you wish Power Rangers had, Sentai has in abundance. It laughs at you for being such a corn-fed buffoon that you'll settle for such tripe here in America. There are never disappointing endings in Sentai like there are in the stupid American version. Also, each character has so much development you feel like they're real living people. Better music, better effects, better writing, better everything. Japanese seven year old boys have taste. What do you have?

*Power Rangers (MMPR) is a soap opera centering around Tommy and these two girls who want to get in his pants and fight constantly. One or the other of them is a dirty whore, that much is certain. Also, it really needs to come out on DVD/Blu-ray because half the icons are from screenshots that someone directly ripped from a homemade VHS recorded in 1996.

*Power Rangers in Space is Star Trek. None of the screenshots I've seen have convinced me otherwise. It serves no purpose except as a basis of comparison/source of ripped off ideas for future series.

*Power Rangers Time force is the darkest and best overall children's series ever. I don't even need to tell you that it's about these two guys who argue all the time and then have sex. It is frequently compared to PRiS.

*Power Rangers SPD is also the darkest and best overall children's (or adult's) series ever. I don't even need to tell you that it's about these two guys who argue all the time and then have sex. Also, there's a catgirl. It is frequently compared to PRiS.

*Power Rangers RPM is The Road Warrior. None of the screenshots I've seen have convinced me otherwise. Also, it rips off Power Rangers in Space.

*Twilight is the greatest love story ever told.


*Twilight is Satan's shit stained underdrawers. Satan has H1N1, by the way.

*Buffy is about these 90s kids predicting what will be popular in the 2000s, and being right.

*Angel is about the same thing, except with vampires.

*Firefly is about these people on a spaceship, fighting against an evil network that wants to quelch the greatest writing ever produced.

*Serenity is about stupid moviegoers who don't understand quality!

*Dollhouse is about these people who are... doing things... and there's an evil network that wants to quelch the greatest writing ever produced since Firefly. Also, one of the characters must be named "Petition".

*Drake and Josh has the same plot as Supernatural, except they're not real brothers, so it's easier. But still, no one accepts their love.

*Star Trek: TOS is a show about this married couple, Kirk and Spock, and the weird people they rent their house (spaceship, whatever) out to.

*Star Trek: TNG takes place entirely on the holodeck. Q is in every episode. Tasha Yar never died.

*Star Trek: DS9 is about these two guys, O'Brien and Bashir, and the love they try to hide. Also, CARDASSIANS ARE SO GODDAMN HOT FOR SOME REASON, especially the really evil ones.

*Star Trek: Voyager is about Seven of Nine's boobs. I used that joke before, but I think it's still valid.

*Star Trek: Enterprise is about T'Pol trying to be Seven of Nine. Also, it apparently only aired for like 2 episodes.

*Star Trek XI is about really hot new actors who are frequently in the public eye... for a change.

*Anime (all) is the greatest art medium ever created... but sadly, it serves no real purpose except as a basis of comparison for American cartoons, and a drawing teaching tool for millions of teenagers. Oh, I'm being needlessly cruel. It also inspires lots of people to learn how to sew absurd clothing and style their hair to stand straight up.

*American animation post 2003 (all) serves no purpose except to be positively compared to anime ("Finally! American cartoons are becoming more like anime!").

*American animation pre 2003 (all) serves no purpose except to be negatively compared to anime ("God! These crappy American cartoons are nothing like anime!"), or hipster nostalgia.

*The Dark Knight is about The Joker teaching 15 year olds to be fascinated by absurd makeup, razor blades, petty theft and mismatched clothing. As if they weren't already.

*Every other Batman movie, who cares, they didn't have Heath Ledger.

*Glee is a series of animated gifs featuring kids doing unintelligible things that commenters eat like candy.

*House isn't running out of ideas and resorting to gimmicky shock tactics! Really! This was all planned out from the beginning. All of it.

*Heroes is about this guy named Sylar who acts batshit and kills people... and women love that. None of the other characters have names or do anything. Again, I think the title is symbolic.

*How I Met Your Mother is about people born in the early-mid 90s pretending they have any idea who Neil Patrick Harris is, and that Harold and Kumar wasn't the first time they ever heard of him.


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